Saturday, November 22, 2008

Louisiana moves from 50th to 49th in Economic Competitiveness

From C. B. Forgotston

People say I never bring good news. Today I bring you good news or what passes for good news when it comes to the performance of our state government.
LA has moved from 50th place to 49th place in economic competitiveness according to the latest national study.
See the report
We’re now one notch ahead of Mississippi which dropped from 49th to 50th.
Interestingly, I’ve not gotten a press release from Bobby Jindal’s office taking credit for this upward move. He claims credit for everything “positive” that happens in the state. Bobby should get all the credit he deserves for this latest ranking. Perhaps the national talk show hosts will ask him about it.

They may ask him, but it won't be today. He's in Iowa talking to the corn . . .

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