Sunday, March 2, 2008

Now that we have Ethics, Let's spend some money!

Now that the legislature has voted itself some ethics, it is time to look at the governor's proposed budget. Jindal is following the national Republican line: cut taxes and increase spending. I suppose his thinking is that it has worked so swimmingly well at the national level, we'd might as well give it a shot. Why act like a 'tax and spend' Democrat when you can follow the lead of the 'borrow and spend' Republicans?
Spending levels will be maintained at most levels, with increases in several areas, particularly education & health care. At the same time, the governor will seek a $100,000,000 decrease in business taxes in an effort to attract new businesses to the state.
One education initiative that is likely to come under close scrutiny is a $10,000,000 'scholarship' program to encourage school choice. Rep. Karen Carter Peterson, D-New Orleans, questioned the program. "That wouldn't be vouchers, would it?" Peterson said.
Well Karen, yes it would. A rose called by any other name . . .
State jobs will be cut in nearly every department. No one is scheduled to be laid off - the cuts will be effected by attrition.
If it seems strange for a new governor who complained about 'out of control' spending during the campaign, just look to his mentor, Mike Foster. Doesn't take long to connect all the dots.
Jindal seems to be off to a successful start: talk conservative, cut some taxes (preferably for business), have a window dressing special ethics session which basically accomplishes very little, increase spending, talk religion, and before you know it Rushbo is talking you up for vice-president.
Successful start for Jindal, same old same old for the citizens of Louisiana.

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