Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spitzer and Vitter: Big Apple vs Big Easy

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned today after stories emerged about his trysts with a prostitute. In the eyes of his constituents, he did the right thing by falling on the sword and ending his political career. New Yorkers, in fact, demanded it. You see, they apparently have higher moral standards than we do.
David Vitter continues to serve in the senate after his name popped up on the phone list of the 'DC Madam'. Vitter also has been linked to a prostitute in New Orleans who enjoyed a full page spread in Playboy earlier this year. The silence from the governor on down has been deafening. Spitzer resigned in disgrace, while Vitter continues to serve in disgrace.
I have a news flash for our governor, who wants to give Louisiana a new image. It will not happen as long as David Vitter is our junior senator. As they say up in the middle of the state, that just 'won't slop the hogs'. That dog won't hunt.
As long as this festering sore remains on our body politic, we will receive the same scorn that we always have.
The Village Voice today lamented that 'New York is now Louisiana'.
Ben Smith of Politico, when asked why Vitter continues to serve, said that "New York's morals are hardly Louisiana's."
Does that make you proud? Is it time to speak up?
Here is our latest video effort offering a comparison of the two men.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Jim, a thing of beauty. I want the fecking hypocrite gone from office. Excuse my language.

Jim said...

Mimi, as you can tell, I am in full agreement!