Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jindal Texas Fundraiser

As Gov. Bobby Jindal continues to draw attention as a rising star and possible national candidate for Republicans in 2012 or 2016, he insists that he has the job he wants right here in Louisiana. But that doesn't mean he won't leave the state to raise a little cash for his campaign account. His next such trip starts today, with plans for a fundraiser tonight in San Antonio and Friday afternoon in Houston.

The fundraisers were described in his official schedule only as "private events" for Jindal's re-election campaign. Melissa Sellers, Jindal's communications director, declined to share more information about where the events would be, who is hosting and how much is being sought from potential donors.

The one-day swing through the Lone Star state follows several recent trips out of state for Jindal, including a previous trip to Houston, though on that October stop he was attending a fundraiser for a Republican congressional candidate. Jindal's most high-profile jaunt was a weekend in Iowa, long the first presidential caucus state, last month. He visited officials in communities affected by Mississippi River flooding and addressed an Iowa Family Policy Center dinner attended by several social conservative leaders with strong sway in the state's Republican presidential sweepstakes.

The 37-year-old governor also logged miles to Washington, D.C.; Greenwich, Conn.; and Gainesville, Fla., the last stop falling on the day of the LSU-Florida football game, which Jindal did not attend. Florida donors paid $1,000 each to attend the event at a private residence.

Times-Picayune by way of LaNewsLink

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