Monday, February 18, 2008

Chaisson Suspends Debate - Lege's Don't Understand what "No Free Tickets" Means

Excerpt from The Times
. . . There’s no definition of either type of event (sporting or cultural) in the Code of Ethics, Kathleen Allen, attorney for the Ethics Board, told the committee, and because such tickets have always been exempt, there’s never been a ruling from the board on what should be included. Senate President Joel Chaisson, author of SB3, which already has cleared the Senate, agreed that “clarity has to be given,” so lawmakers will know exactly what can be accepted.Chaisson suspended committee debate on the bill so definitions can be developed “Guidance has to be given for those who want to stay in compliance,” he said.

Here's an idea - "no free tickets of any sort, type or description for any event of any sort, type or description, ever."
This is unbelievable - they truly don't get it. No more freebies. They just can't grasp the concept.

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