Friday, February 1, 2008

A Nod and a Wink to Jindal "Ethics"

We published the following on the night "Bobby" Jindal was elected:

"Bobby" Jindal has done it. The liberal media are gushing, thrilled that Louisiana has elected its first non-white governor since reconstruction. No one seems to be able to see past the hoopla to the fact that Louisiana has once more gone hook, line and sinker for a slick packaged, smooth talking "reformer".Following in the footsteps of the great "reformers" Huey P Long and Edwin W Edwards may not be an easy walk for Jindal. First of all, he has to convince the State Legislature to go along with all his multi-point plans. Will he be another Buddy Roemer, who when the legislature rejected his advances took all his marbles and went home and pouted for the rest of his term? Or will he truly take charge, as his predecessors Long and Edwards did, and mold the state in his own image? In any event, he has a long row to hoe. And we will be watching.

We have been watching, and this is what we have seen:

Jindal said that "strong penalties should be automatically incurred in any instance of deceptive reporting. (We should) increase penalties for fraudulent or incomplete reports and registrations."

He also said that he "will have a high standard for permformance and a zero-tolerance for ethical lapses by my adminstrative appointments." Recently, Jindal was fined by the state ethics board for failure to report a $100,000 in kind donation by the Republican Party. Jindal announced that he will pay the fine out of his campaign fund, although his own ethics advisory panel recommended that fines not be paid out of campaign funds.

According to a spokesman, Timmy Teepell was responsible for the oversight. Where is Teepell now? Still gainfully employed as Jindal's chief of staff without so much as a slap on the wrist.

Zero tolerance? What a joke. Smoke and mirrors, folks, and look for a lot more.

Earl Long once said "Never say what you can grunt. Never grunt what you can wink."

I think Jindal just winked.

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