Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hot Sauce With That?

I think of all the whining by legislators during this current session on 'ethics', my favorite is Representative Charmaine Marchand. Marchand objected to the $50 cap on a meal by saying "at $50, we're going to be eating at Taco Bell".

Will they go in and sit at one of those little tables that are so uncomfortable, or will they just hit the drive-through in the lobbyist's beamer and eat in the car?

While we're at it, Ms Marchand must have an insatiable appetite - $50 at Taco Bell will buy a lot of tacos!

Maybe it's the expensive wine that she'll miss, but she could still have her drink. A couple of six-packs of tacos and a bottle or two of Boone's Farm should fall well within the $50 limit. It is a sacrifice serving the public, and we thank Ms Marchand for her service.

Bon Appetit!


Grandmère Mimi said...

Why do they have to treat the legislators to a meal at all? Why can't they have a chat with them in their offices? My heart breaks for them.

Jim said...

When I say 'they just don't get it' I really mean exactly that. They cannot grasp the idea that they are not entitled to free meals, free tickets, free trips, etc.
It is a sad commentary.