Thursday, April 24, 2008

Candidates for Congress 4th District: Paul Carmouche

Paul Carmouche, Democratic District Attorney for the 1st Judicial District (Caddo Parish) since 1978, has announced for the 4th District Seat. This is sure to make the Republican establishment nervous, as Carmouche is a very popular proven voter-getter in Northwest Louisiana.
Carmouche received his undergraduate degree from Nicholls State University and his law degree from Loyola University in New Orleans, where he was elected President of the Law School.
Carmouche also served as an Assistant District Attorney and as Chief Counsel for the Caddo Indigent Defender’s Office.
He was elected District Attorney for Caddo Parish 1978 and has served as Caddo Parish’s Chief Prosecutor for five terms.
Carmouche has a website up, but it is new and the issues section isn't complete yet.

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