Monday, April 14, 2008

Kiss and Tell: The day Grandmère Mimi met Edwin Edwards

Grandmère Mimi over at The Wounded Bird has bested my Earl Long story with her delightful account of the day she met Edwin Edwards - and asked for a kiss.
Here is an excerpt:
"In fact, on one occasion when he arrived at a gathering at the university where my husband worked, there seemed to be no officials there to greet him. I was standing there with a group who may have resembled a receiving line, and he came right up to me. That was one occasion when words came out of my mouth seemingly without passing through my brain, because I said to him, "Does a kiss from the governor come with the greeting?" Of course, he promptly kissed me on the cheek. Grandpère was standing next to me wide-eyed and astonished. After Edwards moved on he said to me, "What did you think you were doing?" So. There you are. I'm in the company of an enormous number of women who have kissed Edwin Edwards.
There you have it. Sometimes the demons take over, and what can you do?"

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