Thursday, April 17, 2008

Jindal: Shoot the Messenger

A legislative committee heard testimony but did not make a decision Wednesday on whether to recommend Senate confirmation for Adjutant Gen. Bennett Landreneau to lead the Louisiana National Guard.
The Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee met in public hearing for six hours to hear support for the general, and then met in secret for two hours to hear opposition.
Four of the five generals who were asked by the governor to provide a recommendation gave their opinions in the secret meeting.
This, apparently, is Jindal transparency.
These generals, whether you agree or disagree with their conclusions, did what they were asked by the administration. They were then ignored and insulted, and their testimony had to be given in secret, apparently in hopes that it would not offend the governor or his young Rasputin wannabe, Timmy Teepell.
For great commentary on this, read C B Forgotston's latest blog post.
Source The Advocate


Grandmère Mimi said...

Jim did you see James Gill's column in the Times-Picayune?

Jim said...

Just read it, Mimi, thanks for the link. I can't believe the way these guys were treated.