Monday, April 21, 2008

Common Sense from Senator Ben Nevers

The Rev. Gene Mills, director of the Louisiana Family Forum, said he has found the new Legislature "very family and faith friendly" with "an acute sense of the need to protect basic values." Mills said most lawmakers believe in the same things Family Forum does — traditional marriage, a two-parent family and respect for life — "and those are not issues that are going to hurt a legislator in his district."

Louisiana Family Forum, which has a very close and personal relationship with David Vitter, believed that they would be able to push through a bill that would enable teachers in public schools to teach Creationism. Most legislators denied that this was the intent of the bill.

Mills said the Family Forum liked the original bill before it "picked up a hitchhiker," an amendment he said was favored by the American Civil Liberties Union. (I'm sure that Senator Ben Nevers of Bogalusa, who added the amendment, will be on the Family Forum's hit list. In any event, the people and parents of Louisiana owe him a vote of thanks.)

"The bill is not in a better position than it was before the hearing," he said. "Our goal is not to have something weakened or that disempowers teaching something" that some people consider controversial.

Despite all the denials by various legislators, that 'something', of course, is creationism, or 'creation science' as they like to call it.

Just for kicks, I have thrown in one of Louisiana Family Forum's mock 'interviews' in which Rev. Mills states that David Vitter has 'repented of the allegations'.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Too funny. I'm so pleased that Vitter is not in the river in Egypt.

Jim said...

No, he doesn't have to be in denial, he has the 'religious' right to do that for him.

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