Thursday, April 3, 2008

Louisiana Conservative: Beyond the Pale

I started Jindal Watch to keep an eye on the new governor and to compare his promises to his delivery. In some cases he has done okay, but in others I can only see Louisiana politics as usual. I will grant him one thing - he is a good politician.
I am not against Jindal, neither am I for him. If he is successful and his endeavors improve our lot, I will gladly recognize that.
One blog, however, is engaging in some hero worship that should embarass any thinking person.
In their last few posts, the Louisiana Conservative has gone off the deep end. This first came to my attention in a post on wesawthat titled 'The worst blog in Louisiana History'.
In recent blogs, they (Louisiana Conservative) have called Jindal "the greatest Gift this state has ever received", and also noted that "It has probably been the ultimate culture shock for Washington, D.C. to be exposed to so much common sense with Bobby Jindal being elected to Congress."
When invited to a dinner with the governor along with a couple of other bloggers, and posting his gushing account of it on Louisiana Conservative, things really went into high gear. In a post on his blog, repected Central Louisiana blogger Lamar White Jr was attacked in the comments section by the blogger from Louisiana Conservative. In an attempt to tone it down, Mr White wrote:
You could be a really nice guy, but you sometimes come across as overly combative.
It’s not necessary. We can attempt to speak to each other like adults."
The Louisiana Conservative blogger replied in the next comment box, referring to "uniformed (sic) and shallow people like you, Lamar White, Jr", "lesser men like you and your ilk" and "looking like a slobbering unfed dog".
Go to the blog and read it yourself.

Today Louisiana Conservative has another post from the same blogger, this time considering the possibility that the VP talk centering around Bobby Jindal is the work of the evil, liberal, socialist media (although it originated with Rush Limbaugh). Some of the comments about those who write about Jindal becoming Vice-President:

"..tell them to leave our miracle working Governor the hell alone!!!"

"..inconsiderate bandits, is becoming not only irritating, but suspicious."

"..(Jindal) most popular, most capable, most honest and most conservative Governor in Louisiana history."

"….Governor Bobby Jindal is smarter than all of them (liberals)…… he is more honest than all of them"

"I think everyone should take note of who continues to fan these VP flames. They will not be a friend of Governor Bobby Jindal and they certainly are not a friend of Louisiana."

And worst of all, Jindal for VP will provide those "disingenuous Dems with the necessary material needed to successfully complete their planned sabotage of having another Republican in the White House."
Sabotage? If 'disingenuous' Dems attempt to elect their own candidate it is sabotage? This truly is beyond the pale.
The end result of this will probably be that the governor's people will be a bit more selective in compiling the list of invitees to the mansion. This sort of behavior by his supporters certainly doesn't advance the governor's cause.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Do I want Jindal to stay, or do I want him to go? As I said to a neighbor, who is pretty much pro-Jindal, "I'll keep an open mind (a little mental reservation there) for now. I am waiting to be pleasantly surprised."

Jim said...

I'm keeping an open mind too, Mimi, but so far I'm a little underwhelmed :-)

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize Mr. Bryant actually believes the VP story is being perpetuated by the "liberal media."

Just bizarre and out of touch.

Limbaugh did, in fact, create the story; it's also been covered by that pinko rag, The Wall Street Journal (now owned by News Corp).

Many believe Jindal is angling for the keynote speech at the RNC and that the VP talk is just a byproduct of that discussion. Either way, it was created on the right and perpetuated by the right.

It's all somewhat funny considering that Deryl Bryant was at Jindal's dinner. I wonder if it ever occurred to him that maybe, just maybe there's a reason Jindal's courting national bloggers right now.

Jim said...

I think you're right about the keynote speech - I believe that is his goal, and it wouldn't suprise me if he gets it.

Anonymous said...

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