Friday, April 11, 2008

Generals to Testify in State Senate Hearing

The Governor's hand-picked senate leaders are apparently in damage control mode. A Senate committee has scheduled a confirmation hearing for Wednesday on Gov. Bobby Jindal's reappointment of Maj. Gen. Bennett Landreneau as state adjutant general. The hearing, however, will take place in executive session.
Just what happened to transparency?
The Committee on Senate and Governmental Affairs also has asked for testimony from a Jindal-appointed panel of retired generals who recently prepared a report critical of current conditions in the Louisiana National Guard, which Landreneau oversees. The generals' panel interviewed candidates for the position and recommended someone other than Landreneau, but the governor's office did not meet with the generals to get their advice. The governor's office last week denied the existence of the report, angering the chairman of the generals' panel, former Louisiana Adjutant Gen. Ansel "Buddy" Stroud.


Grandmère Mimi said...

This is not at all trivial, IMHO. This is blatant cronyism and blatant cover-up of the evidence of cronyism. This is not reform of state government. It's breathtaking to see Jindal moving so swiftly away from his promises of clean government. I thought he'd keep up appearances for a bit longer.

Jim said...

Apparently he thought the five generals would toe the Jindal line. When they didn't, their report went into the trash (protected by executive privilege). The arrogance shown by Timmy Teepell is really disturbing.