Monday, June 23, 2008

Jindal: Does a Pledge trump a Promise?

Breaking a long precedent for Louisiana governors, Gov. Bobby Jindal will not hold a press conference this evening following the 6 p.m. end of the three-month Legislative session to discuss the accomplishments of his first regular lawmaking period.
Instead, Jindal will meet with the media Tuesday afternoon at the Governor's Mansion, after most legislators have left the capital.
The end of a legislative session normally is an opportunity for a governor to appear with a contingent of lawmakers to review the achievements of new legislation and the state budget.
Jindal held press conferences following the end of each of two special sessions he called in February and April, with he and lawmakers congratulating each another.

This means that

1. He will veto and wants to wait until the legislators leave town.
2. He does not want to appear with them because he is afraid that some of the outrage against them will transfer to him. If this is the case he can take a hint: It already has.

If he does veto the bill after giving the legislature a 'pledge' not to, he will have a nest of opposition when the legislature next convenes. On the other hand, he will be keeping a 'promise' to the people that he made while campaigning.
Does a pledge trump a promise?

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