Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jindal Will Not Veto Pay Raise

Bobby Jindal says he will not veto the legislative pay raise. ""One thing is for sure, I will not bail them out on this and do their job for them."

Strange. He didn't mind doing their job for them last week when he vetoed Senate Bill 401 by Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-Baton Rouge, which was designed to increase access to organ transplants by the poor by allowing some transplant centers that don't meet Medicare requirements to still receive state reimbursement through Medicaid.

He also did their job for them when he vetoed House Bill 418 by Rep. Mickey Guillory, D-Eunice, which would make an exception to the state law governing "abuse of office" for elected officials who are responding to a request from a constituent "or any citizen of the state of Louisiana.

And again, he did their job for them when he vetoed House Bill 231 by Rep. Jean Doerge, D-Minden, which would have exempted the Firefighters Retirement System from a 2007 law meant to create pressure on public companies to avoid investments in countries that sponsor terrorism, such as Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria. The new law requires all public pension systems in Louisiana to take proactive steps to avoid such investments.

Without saying whether or not the bills should stand, the point is that he is being very disingenuous (dishonest?) when he says he will not 'do their job for them'. Using the veto on a bad bill is the governor's perogative. It is his job to veto if he thinks a bill is bad.

Below are two videos, the first of which is the governor stating that he will not veto the bill, along with some cutesy remarks from House Speaker Jim Tucker.

The second video is New Orleans Rep. Austin Badon (of Hannah Montana fame) saying that the people will understand, and that it won't require a vote every year for an increase (therefore, the people will forget).
Badon is dreaming. The people don't understand.
Thanks to We Saw That for the videos.


Grandmère Mimi said...

He's a disgrace to all Louisiana citizens.

Jim said...

Yep, I think he's on the slide down and just doesn't realize it.

Anonymous said...

Where has Gov. Jindal been? We voted for him to LEAD this state and he has not done much of that. Where has he been?

Where was he when this pay raise nonsense got started? Where was he when this abomination was first being voted on?

He says he opposing the raise and that it is too much. Why won't he veto it? A REAL leader would step up and lead? Where is Gov. Jindal?