Friday, June 20, 2008

Recall Jindal Website Set Up

In addition to websites seeking the recall of Jim Tucker, Mike Michot & soon to come Robert Adley, I found a Recall Jindal website today.
Will it go anywhere? Who knows, but it is a reflection of the anger that he is incurring by failing to veto the pay raise.


Veto the Pay Raise said...

He really needs to veto the pay raise.

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a, sadly I got an error message. I think the Brokendown Palace is slowing collapsing. If he doesn't veto the pay raise, I want to see him get recalled.

Robert said...

I'm so glad his arrogance has come back to haunt him. Recall Jindal? Where do I sign.

Anonymous said...

How about posting a link to sign the petition?

If that can't be done, at least give us contact information.

Jim said...

I'll get to work on it and post it when I can get it . .

Anonymous said...

I want him recalled even if he finds his spine and vetos the raise. The raise is only the latest problem, not the only one.
New Orleans

Pam said...

Download, print, and start collecting good signatures, folks!

Jim said...

I did post on it early today. The link is here:

It links to the new website.

Jack said...

My thought is if Jindal doesn't veto the the raises, he should NEVER hold another elected office in Louisiana.

Casey said... is a working website where you can download and print a petition to sign.

Anonymous said...


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joined Sarah Palin in a partisan show of resisting their state's accepting stimulous package
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highspeed train.

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poorest state in the USA.On Jindal's watch Louisiana dropped
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