Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Louisiana Senate Votes Unconscionable Pay Raise

Senators (including my own Senator Robert Adley) took less than five minutes Tuesday to pass a pay raise for themselves and House members pegged at 30 percent of the pay of members of the U.S. Congress.
With no votes to spare, the Senate approved, 20-16, Senate Bill 672 by Sen. Ann Duplessis, D-New Orleans, sending it to the House for debate. House members cheered passage of the bill while watching the Senate proceedings on their desktop television monitors.
Duplessis told reporters after the vote that Gov. Bobby Jindal will not veto the measure, although he may allow her bill to become law without his signature. "He takes a position of no position and has agreed not to veto it," Duplessis said. "At a lunch today (Tuesday) he said he will not veto it. Those are the words from his mouth."
"I strongly disagree with this pay increase," Jindal said through spokeswoman Melissa Sellers. "They are a separate branch of government and must manage their own internal affairs." Sellers did not say whether Jindal would veto the bill if it passes. It would go into effect July 1 if passed.

A Musical Ode to the State Senate & State House of Representatives

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Mark Babineaux said...

Starting today, I think I will give myself a payraise. I am thinking 50,000 dollars per year. Do you think I can get away with it?

If you said no because I cannot give myself something that I don't have to begin with, that is a good point. My point exactly.

How has it come to the point that we would allow these people to stay in power. We keep waiting for them to do what is right for the people, their track record is the opposite.

I would like to ask this, I think it may be the biggest question of all. Who put these guy into office? Not the democrats and not republicans but us. We elected these crooks into their position, what does that say about us.

Mark Babineaux