Sunday, June 8, 2008

Louisiana Conservative Blogger named to Republican State Central Committee

Deryl Bryant, known in the blogosphere as '4unionparish' has been appointed to an empty slot on the Republican State Central Committee. He reports on Louisiana Conservative today that John Kennedy spoke to the group on Saturday.
Mary Landrieu’s political views are EXACTLY the OPPOSITE."
He continues "The Landrieu “machine” is going to benefit greatly from the Barrack Hussein Obama Presidential campaign."
Barack Hussein Obama. Really, he wrote that. (Just don't dare call his man "Bobby" Jindal by his proper name - Piyush.)
He goes on "I believe we can expect a regular assault by Obama and Landrieu as they both seek political offices that neither is competent to hold, nor deserve to have."
Hate to tell you, Deryl - if they are elected to the office they deserve to hold it. Some may think that you are not competent nor deserve to have a seat on the Republican State Central Committee - but there you are!
Deryl ended his post with the following, and I completely agree:
"I gratefully accepted and I am now a member of the State Central Committee for the Republican Party of Louisiana.
May God protect us all."


Dr. Hfuhruhurr said...

Wow. Deryl the Jindal Groupie is now a member of the Louisiana Republican State Central Committee. What took him so long? A confession: I was once a member of the LRSCC. However, I resigned in disgust after three years. It became undeniably clear that Gov. Foster's "Republican Renewal" effort had thoroughly lobotomized the LRSCC. Mr. Bryant, though, may even be a bit too slavish for that bunch of government cheerleaders!

Jim said...

Deryl will definitely be in his element. I'm sure that he will be a great asset to the rubber stamp RSCC. His master will be pleased.