Friday, May 2, 2008

Candidates for Congress 4th District: John Milkovich

John Milkovich, a Shreveport attorney, is an evangelical, pro-life, pro-2nd amendment Democrat who has announced (again) for the 4th District Seat. Milkovich ran in 2004 and garnered 27% of the vote against incumbent McCrery.
McCrery isn't running, the Republicans are in disfavor and the race is wide open. Fellow Democrats Willie Banks Jr and Paul Carmouche have also announced.

On the Republican side, Dr John Fleming, Chris Gorman, Gerard Bowen Jr and Jeff Thompson all have their hat in the ring.
Milkovich gained a high profile locally years ago when he proved the innocence of James Monds, who was on death row at the time. Milkovich fought against all odds for his client, incurring the displeasure of the system. He was even physically attacked in a hallway at the Bossier Parish Courthouse by a Bossier City detective.
But he got his man off death row. John Milkovich is a fighter.
He is well known in the area for his church work and is a regular speaker at different venues. Milkovich has been having a problem with his website, but has this one up at the present time. Visit his issues section; no party line there.

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