Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jindal for VP?

A lot of Louisiana Republicans have their panties in a wad because Bobby Jindal seems to be shooting to the top of John McCain's running mate list yet he won't say no to the possibility.

The Louisiana Conservative says "IF Governor Jindal chooses to abandon Louisiana to ascend his political career as Vice President, Louisiana Republicans are going to be so pissed off that they will likely either stay at home on election day, or they may cross over to the “Dim Side” just to make it even more clear just how they really feel. Louisiana Conservatives will feel abused and betrayed."
Some heavy-hitting people have come out for Jindal, among them Rush Limbaugh, Bill Kristol and Newt Gingrich. Former Governor Buddy Roemer, who is close to McCain, is also a fan of Jindal.
David Vitter is pushing Jindal's name for VP, but that is likely because if Jindal left Louisiana, Vitter would once again be the 'top-dawg' Republican in the state.
A majority of my fellow bloggers don't believe that McCain will offer Jindal the nomination, but I'm not so sure. Jindal is well-liked by the conservative wing of the party, and McCain definitely needs help there. A lot of Republican operatives also believe that having a non-white on the ticket would offset Barack Obama. Jindal's age is also another factor.

The proof will be in the pudding. In the meantime, it's great blogging and video material.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Jim, I love the video. Wouldn't Mitch love it? Wouldn't I love it?

Jindal won't resign his office if McCain chooses him as his running mate, will he? We should be so lucky.

Jim said...

I'm not sure he would resign even then; I'm not sure the law would require it. He could remain in office during the campaign and when they lose (I hope) come back to his job. I will have to check on this, I'm not positive.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Jim, have you seen the story in the Times-Picayune about the Jindal's executive counsel, Jimmy Faircloth, the Coushattas, and MainNet? Actually, there are two stories.

I'd take it on, but it would be a long post, and I don't know if I am up for it. It's complicated. The Couschatta leadership sounds pretty gullible. The final red flag should have been the "investor" from Nigeria.

Jim said...

I remember some of that. If memory serves, Jack Abramoff was right in the middle of it. This is not going to be a clean administration, despite the hype.

Daniel Z. said...

mimi: As usual, the T-P is a day late and a dollar short on their reporting on Jindal. Faircloth's involvement with the Coushatta tribe was covered back in December.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Daniel Z., thank you. I see that I don't get around the blogosphere enough. Maybe I will do a post now that another blogger or two has done the heavy lifting. I could link to them and to the tardy TP article for some of the local folks who still think that Jindal really is the Second Coming and Gov. Clean all rolled into one.

Or maybe I won't. It still sounds like a lot of work. I think that perhaps I need to specialize and narrow the focus more on my blog.