Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Emperor has no Coattails: Cazayoux wins 6th District Congressional Seat

Despite every effort by Governor Jindal to help Don Cazayoux's opponent, the Democrat defeated Woody Jenkins in the 6th Congressional District Race Saturday night, taking 49.20% of the vote over Jenkins' 46.27%. This will put the seat in the Democratic column, at least until the regular election in the fall.
Despite the state and national Republicans throwing everything in the book at Cazayoux (including Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama), Louisiana voters once again proved their independence by supporting a moderate Democrat over the Republican.
In the 1st District, Republican Steve Scalise won handily over Gilda Reid to claim the seat that Jindal vacated when he became governor.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Don's win is is good. Woody Jenkins was a gift as an opponent. You'd have to be really bad not to beat Jenkins, but things like that do happen around here - and not just around here.

He's a good old New Roads boy. That's where my husband grew up. We still have the small farm there. During Grandpère's youth, the farm supported five families with housing on the property. Now it's no longer farmed, and costs a bundle to keep up. But it's nice to have as a weekend retreat.

I met a member of the Cazayoux who family who had moved to New Orleans, and he was quite surprised that I knew how to pronounce his name. He understood when I told him my husband was from New Roads.

Scalise was a shoo-in.

Jim said...

Great that you have a local connection there. And for Scalise, I don't think any Democrat alive could have won the First District.
Keep your eye on the 4th (that's NW Louisiana) in the fall. Our 10 term incumbent (McCrery) is retiring and I'd put odds on 30 year DA Paul Carmouche, a Democrat, to take the seat.