Wednesday, May 28, 2008

VP? Jindal Endorsed by Washington Times

The Washington Times, a newspaper known for its conservative leanings, has added its voice to the many that are calling for John McCain to pick Governor Jindal to be his running mate.
In an editorial Saturday the paper said:
"There are many things John McCain needs in a vice presidential candidate. The most obvious is a running mate who must be prepared to lead should the president be unable to. Other characteristics? Conservative. Youthful. Diverse. There is one name among those Mr. McCain is interviewing this weekend that fits the bill: Bobby Jindal.
The newly elected Louisiana governor
is an exciting breath of fresh air to the national ranks of the Republican Party. At age 36, Mr. Jindal is our youngest governor and the first person of color to serve as Louisiana governor since Reconstruction. . . . .
A staunchly pro-life Roman Catholic, Mr. Jindal has the voting record to match his socially and fiscally conservative rhetoric.
. . . Critics suggest Mr. Jindal is too young. We query, too young for what? Mr. Jindal meets the Constitution's age requirement in addition to boasting an impressive, experienced and accomplished record as a public servant at the state and federal levels (since 1995.) In fact, Mr. Jindal has more executive and legislative experience than both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama combined. The question is whether he has the ability to step in as commander-in-chief at a moment's notice. We have no doubt that he could.
. . . we hope Mr. McCain will ask and that Mr. Jindal will accept. The great people of Louisiana will understand."

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Grandmère Mimi said...

Go, Jindal, go! I hope that if he is chosen, one of the conditions will be that he resign his position as governor to devote full time to the campaign.

On the other hand, if he will be a real asset to McCain that he might help him to win, then NOOOOO!!!

I thought I had already left this comment, so if it goes through twice, you can delete one of them, Jim.

Jim said...

It only posted once, Mimi. The problem is that he will not resign - there is no law requiring him to do so.
I don't see McCain winning, but you never know. I would be very uncomfortable with Jindal as VP.
The sad part is that he has performed poorly yet is seen as a 'conservative' hero. It is definitely a win/win situation for him. The national publicity is putting him in the spotlight for a run in four years.
Go figure.