Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rush was Wrong

Jindal the Next Reagan - we don't think so.

Rush Limbaugh was wrong when he predicted that Bobby Jindal would be the next Ronald Reagan. He wasn't wrong in recognizing that Jindal probably has a career on the national scene, and he wasn't wrong in comparing him to a past Republican president.
He just chose the wrong one. No, Jindal is not a Reagan - he is the next Richard Nixon. His modus operandi compares to Nixon's, and he already has his Haldeman and Erlichman in place; Timmy Teepell and Melissa Sellers.
Teepell, chief of staff to the governor and Sellers, his press secretary, handle Jindal much in the same way that Haldeman and Erlichman handled Nixon, 'protecting' him from the public that he has sworn to serve. Are they developing an 'enemies list' similar to Nixon's? I wouldn't be surprised. Timmy Teepell ordered negative ads against Speaker Pro Tem Karen Carter for opposing Jindal's school voucher program.
Sellers is a control freak who apparently believes that her mission in life is to keep Jindal away from the press and to avoid any direct questioning.
There are currently two great posts in Your Right Hand Thief dealing with these two. Also, Jeremy Alford had a great column entitled Stonewall Jindal in The Independent.


oyster said...

Thanks for the plug, Jim.

Jim said...

Oyster, you're very pluggable! I don't go a day without YRHT.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Charisma. It's the charisma that is missing, for one thing. I see none there, but hey! - that's me.

For me, he has about as much charisma as Nixon, but his secrecy may well be his downfall. The press is watching him closely now that Melissa has dissed them.

Jim said...

I agree with you Mimi. I have tried to see the magic but I can't find it.
Maybe I need some new rose-colored glasses.