Monday, May 19, 2008

Human Events on the 4th District Congressional Race: They have it Wrong

In a Story entitled “Iron Man” of B-Team In LA-4, John Gizzi in Human Events today published an article about Chris Gorman, a Shreveport Republican who is running for the 4th District congressional seat.

In Louisiana’s 4th District (Shreveport), where Republican Rep. Jim McCrery is retiring after 20 years, the smart money had it that either Jerry Jones or Steve Prator would be his GOP successor. After all, attorney Jones was well known from a strong race for mayor of Shreveport last year and Prator had almost folk-hero status as sheriff of Cato Parish (county). But the smart money didn’t take into account that neither was willing to run in ’06, so the race for the all-important Republican nomination this September is among three candidates who have not held or sought elective office before. All signs now point to Chris Gorman, business executive and one-time high-school football star, as the front-runner. Gorman’s two opponents are trial attorney Jeff Thompson and physician John Fleming, neither of whom has come close to him in terms of money raised or spelling out specific issue stands.

So far, okay, although I would disagree with his assessment of Dr. Fleming. His website (which is the best of all the candidates) has an extensive section on issues. Oh, and 'strong candidate' Jerry Jones lost the Mayor's race to the Democrat. Also, it is not 'Cato Parish (county)'. It is Caddo Parish. Also, Gorman is not a shoo-in for the nomination. Jeff Thompson, who has McCrery's endorsement, will give him a run for his money.

Gizzi in LaLa Land
In contrast to other seemingly secure Republican districts—notably the Pelican State’s 6th District that Democrats picked up in a special election two weeks ago—there is no heavyweight Democrat running in the 4th District and winning the Republican primary appears to be tantamount to succeeding McCrery.

That should be news to Paul Carmouche, the 30 year District Attorney of Caddo Parish who has announced as a Democrat. Carmouche is indeed a heavyweight. It is the Republicans who are not fielding a heavyweight candidate. Gizzi noted that all three Republicans have never held public office.
Do you suppose there is a reason that no current Republican office-holders have announced for the seat? Could it be because Jim McCrery could only pull 56% of the vote in '06, when in previous elections he got 70% plus? Is it because the Republican brand is so damaged that insiders realize that the 4th will probably go for a Democrat?
Gizzi must be getting all of his information from the Gorman campaign, as it has little to do with reality. The reality is that the 4th District is not Republican, it is conservative, and Paul Carmouche is a conservative Democrat. Of course, he will be portrayed as Nancy Pelosi's best bud, and will be linked to Rev. Jeremiah Wright via Barack Obama.
It won't work. It didn't work in the 6th District, it didn't work in Mississippi's 1st District, and it won't work here.
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Grandmère Mimi said...

Jim, I was puzzled about the reference to Cato Parish, and, for a second there, I thought that I might be ignorant about the name one of the Louisiana Parishes. Then, I said, "No! That can't be." At one point in my schooling I had to learn the names and locations of all the parishes. Probably, I could not name them all now, but at least I would recognize whether the name was a parish or not.

Gizzi must be getting all of his information from the Gorman campaign, as it has little to do with reality.

It could well be.

I agree. There's a lotta wishful thinking going on here. The magic is gone.

Jim said...

Mimi, I really think that Paul Carmouche is a great candidate. He is a native of Napoleanville, attended Nicholls State and LSU Law School. He has been a good DA, a good administrator and not a camera hound. He has been in office since 1979, so obviously he is very popular.
I dread the attacks that are coming his way.

Grandmère Mimi said...

I'm sorry about what Carmouche will be facing, too, but he must have considered the nastiness that will come his way when he made his decision. My hope is that since many folks in the parish know him and like him, that the load of trash that's thrown his way will boomerang back to the Republicans. I hope that the Republican nominee calls in Dick Cheney to help get out the vote - for the Democrats.

Gerard J. Bowen Jr. for Congress said...

I agree that gizzi must be getting his info from gorman. He and that whole news letter must be getting some of that $350,000 that gorman's raised. I've seen about 10 articles on gorman in that newsletter and no one else is ever mentioned. Gizzi didn't even mention me, the most conservative republican in the race. I am the one who is the epitomy of the undamaged version of the republican brand. Please see

Jim said...

Mr. Bowen:
I have already looked at your website and found it to be pretty complete. I'm sure that you and your family have had a rough time being relocated by Katrina, but you have certainly established yourself in this community.
I still believe that the race for the Republican nomination is wide open, and if you can get enough direct appeal to the people, you can see some success.
I'm sure the 'old' establishment will favor Thompson and possibly Gorman, but if those two split evenly enough you could find a place in a runoff.
Best wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

Would you agree that "well known attorney Jerry Jones" was damaged BECAUSE of his loss in the Shreveport mayoral race. Jones is less well regarded since that campaign, because he did not represent himself well, especially with more conservative voters.

Shreveport's demographics foretold that the race would be between a white candidate, likely a Republican, and a black Democrat. Jones had the establishment backing, raised more money, and drove the other white candidates out of contention. Then, in the runoff, he turned into a total dud.

So, no way he bothers to run for Congress.

Dr. Hfr