Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jindal Flip Flops on SB87

First he was against it, now he's for it.
When Senator Buddy Shaw of Shreveport first introduced SB87 to repeal income tax increases that resulted from the adoption of the Stelly Plan, the governor was opposed. After Nick Gautreaux added an amendment to totally eliminate the state income tax over a ten year period - and it passed - Jindal realized that there were people who would actually do more than just give lip service to tax cuts. Unbelievably, they were in the Louisiana Legislature. Today, with the governor's encouragement, a house committee stripped the Gautreaux amendment. Now Jindal is making it his own; he can go on talk shows and take credit for giving the people of Louisiana a $300,000,000 tax cut.
I doubt that he will mention that he supported the bill (after opposing it) only after he had the bejesus scared out of him by some real conservatism.
The good guys in the episode are Senator Shaw, who campaigned on rolling back the increases, and Senator Gautreaux, who had the courage to go for it all.

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