Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jindal, The Veto, Newt and The Powers that Be

Oyster at Your Right Hand Thief had a great piece titled Early on, Jindal traded pay raises for school vouchers. Operating on widespread evidence that Jindal had promised no veto in return for support for his school voucher program for New Orleans, Oyster believes that the quid pro quo was more important than angering the public by tacitly supporting the pay raise. No one anticipated that the public outcry would be what it developed to be. He writes:
So if the media naively thinks that Jindal should simply veto creationist trojan horse legislation, they're two steps behind the game. Why won't Jindal EVER veto creationist legislation?-- that's the interesting question. And the answer is: because, like vouchers, it's more important to the "powers that be" than nearly anything else.
In other words, support for his future political endeavors trumps any local consideration. $5,000,000 in raises to the legislature is peanuts for a future in national politics.
And just at this time, as if to prove the point, our friend Cindy called in to the Sean Hannity radio program with her concerns about Jindal. Hannity agreed with Cindy that the governor was making a mistake, but then went on to praise him and talk about his great future in the Republican Party.

Cindy made a YouTube video of her call and posted it, along with a link to Jindal Watch and our Recall Jindal video, on New Gingrich's website in these forum posts:

By Cynthia Brown @ Sunday, June 29, 2008 11:13 AM
Cindy on the Sean Hannity Radio ShowProtest Rally Monday, July 7th Against LA Gov. Bobby Jindal & LegislatorsBaton Rouge, Louisiana


By Cynthia Brown @ Saturday, June 28, 2008 8:16 PM
A Recall Petition has been filed against Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal

Cindy reported to us that not just these, but all of her posts had been removed from Newt.com. She emails us today "Now, all of my postings have been taken off of The American Empire, News and Views From Frederickson Washington."
I would look to see more of this as the 'powers that be' do damage control for Jindal.
I think Oyster has it right - it's all about building a national power base for Bobby Jindal, no matter the cost to the people of Louisiana; the flap over the pay raise was just a bump in the road.


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