Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Nation predicts Jindal Next VP

Following up on Jim Brown's blog, the article he referenced in The Nation predicts that "There's a good chance he'll be John McCain's vice presidential pick."

It seemed glorious that a Southern state could elect this dark-skinned man, so much so that the news reverberated globally; people in the Jindal family village in India were ecstatic, even though Bobby barely knows them. Such widespread and early popularity--although it took a recent hit over anger at a proposed pay hike for state legislators--indicates that Jindal's base is broad enough to encompass Louisiana's many disparate factions, from racist David Duke backers to liberal Democrats, who seemingly look past Jindal's deeply conservative politics.
Never heard of Bobby Jindal? Then pay attention. There's a good chance he'll be John McCain's vice presidential pick. Commentators on the right, including Rush Limbaugh, began touting Jindal as vice presidential material just days after the governor's inauguration. Limbaugh sees Jindal as the "next Ronald Reagan," conservative enough to counter McCain's purported liberalism and charismatic enough to win over Democrats. In a May 5 New York Times column, neocon William Kristol described four McCain staffers' excitement about Jindal while extolling Jindal's youth, his "real accomplishments" and his "strong reformist streak."

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