Friday, July 18, 2008

Run, Jennifer, Run

The Caddo Sheriff's office announced that the Governor will make a stop Tuesday in Vivian in north Caddo Parish.
Jindal will give an update on his ethics legislative session, discuss state surplus spending in northwest Louisiana and work force development. He also will take audience questions. He will be at the Vivian Elementary School.
Now ordinarily, this might seem must a normal political stop, then we remembered that last December in My Bossier we published this about Jennifer Harmon, a blue-haired substitute teacher who was from, where else, Vivian Elementary.
This poor woman was terminated because people were really questioning her piercings, her blue hair and most of all her religious views. Perhaps she was a Wiccan? If you're a Wiccan in Vivian, you're just a satan worshipper flat-out; you'd might as well admit it.
And now the Exorcist himself is visiting Vivian Elementary. Is there more to this trip than meets the eye?
Just wondering.

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