Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Style on the Bayou? Details Magazine looks at Jindal

The August issue of Details magazine is on newsstands now and it features Louisiana governor and possible McCain VP Bobby Jindal. Who exactly is this man? An exorcist? A young, ambitious future leader of the Republican party?
Details takes an in-depth look at Piyush Jindal, better known as Bobby, and one of the leading candidates to gain McCain’s VP nod, examining his rise to office, his young ambitions, his experience with exorcism, his conversion to Catholicism, conflict with his parents, meeting Obama (and teaming up for campaign commercials?!) and more.
Though primarily a magazine devoted to fashion and lifestyle, Details has also featured reports on relevant social and political views.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Jim, I have only just begun to read the article on Jindal in the magazine, and I am dying laughing. I must read the rest. They call the McCain bus the "Straight". Well, at least we know it's not a gay bus. Thank heavens for that.

Much gratitude for pointing me to the article.

Jim said...

Mimi - you're welcome! I really enjoyed it.