Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Sorry State of Ethics Enforcement in Louisiana

New ethics laws argued as 'not the gold standard'
Since Louisiana adopted the nation's first ethics code in 1964, it has been the gold standard used as a model by other states and Congress, says Gray Sexton, who spent 40 years as the director of the Ethics Board.
But the new process pushed by Gov. Bobby Jindal and adopted by the Legislature this year "is not the gold standard," Sexton told the Press Club of Baton Rouge Monday.

Also, he said "ethics" is a misnomer because it really is a "conflict of interest code."

He said the governor and Legislature "basically eviscerated" the ethics board by transferring its powers to a team of administrative law judges appointed by the governor. That move, he said, led to resignations of 10 of 11 members and its administrator.

Read the entire News Star article at the link above

Greg Aymond also has an interview on his website with Gray Sexton.
Listen to Gray speak upon such issues as the weakening of the Ethics Board, the real reasons for the mass resignations of its Board members, the Administration's history and the over 100 exceptions to the ethics code.

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