Saturday, July 12, 2008

Louisiana 4th: Milkovich is Gorman's Worst Nightmare

The qualifying is done and the race is on for Louisiana’s Fourth District Congressional race. On the Republican side three candidates have qualified: Chris Gorman of Shreveport, Dr. John Fleming of Minden and Jeff Thompson of Bossier City.
The Democrats in the race are John Milkovich, Paul Carmouche, Willie Banks, Jr. and Rev. Arti$ Ca$h.
Two independents have qualified, Chester T. Kelley (website from ’06) and Gerard Bowen, Jr.
This is a complicated race. Chris Gorman seems to have a substantial lead on the Republican side. If a runoff is necessary, my prediction is that it will be between Gorman and Fleming. I just don’t see Thompson making the cut, despite the endorsement from Jim McCrery. Of course, I could be wrong – it may be a Gorman-Thompson runoff.
Paul Carmouche has a lot of name recognition, having served 30 years as Caddo District Attorney. Milkovich also is a well-known local attorney. Ca$h is a pastor and ‘community activist’, whatever that is, and will not draw enough support for a runoff. Mr. Banks does not have the exposure in the populous Shreveport-Bossier City area to gain significant support.
The sure win for the Democrats would be a match-up between John Milkovich and any of the Republicans. The two independents will draw from the Republican base, and if Milkovich, a pro-life evangelical with a lot of support from local fundamentalists, gets the nod on the Democratic side, the Republicans are in real trouble.
Milkovich can pull support from Gorman that Carmouche could not touch. I would predict a Milkovich victory over any of the Republican candidates.
There is still time for the situation to change, and anything can happen. After all, this is Louisiana politics.
With less than two months to go until the primaries, however, I would keep my eye on Milkovich and Gorman.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Arti$ Ca$h. Just the name. It is not to be believed.

Jim said...

He's a real case. We just had two district judges convicted of taking bribes (by a black U S attorney). The FBI had videotapes and audio of them accepting the money on the street.
Cash wrote “It is sad to think that this crack prosecution team could not find any violations in the Jena Six matter, but yet they can present a case against two African American judges. Racism at its fullest.”

On one of his websites after an article:
CASH FOR CONGRESS – P. O. BOX 52525, Shreveport, LA 71135, OR ONLINE AT WWW.DRARTISCASH.COM, but send money right away.

Don't get me started.

Jim said...

I'm not through yet. His only 'visible' means of support is a small church of 200 people but he lives in a $500,000 house in a gated community.
And when legitimate black leaders criticize him, he says they are 'afraid of what the bigots will say to them'. I guess he aims that at the mayor, the police chief and half of the city council.

Grandmère Mimi said...

"...send money right away." He needs it NOW! It is to laugh. It is to cry.

Anonymous said...

This is scary. From his website:

"Married 24 years to wife Debora and a father of five, Dr. Cash returned to Shreveport in 1995, where he founded Shreveport Christian Church. Dr. Cash believes that he is divinely inspired to sit in the 111th Congress.

(It is a fact that over 80% of the registered voters in District 4 are Christian believers.) Thus, he asks that you prayerfully consider voting this divine will and send him to Congress."

God told him that he needs to run for Congress. District Four has a lot of Christians, ergo, they must follow God's "DIVINE WILL" and vote for him.

I also want to know how, exactly, his company was in charge of maintaining the drainage system for the City of Los Angeles.

What does that mean? On its face, it's a huge claim.

Did LA outsource all drainage maintenance to a private company? Seems doubtful.

Jim said...

He ran for this seat in '06 and got 19% of the vote. He filed federal disclosure showing $2,200 in contributions.
How does he pay for a $500,000 house with a salary from a 200 member church?
I think we're going to be busy checking him out.